Our Services


Atlas handles transportation of ordinary cargo by air and this is applicable in exports and imports. This service is one on one stop tailored to customers’ needs


We handle both light and heavy cargo in container via Sea and clear at all points of entry. We also offer loose cargo or consolidations from major cities around the world. Our cutting edge is the high level of service and information offered at any one time.


From bicycle couriers and small trucks to road transporters and prime movers, our diverse fleet can provide road freight transport for everything from parcels and documents to oversized machinery and bulk commodities.


Cargo handling crisis is a situation where the standards of procuring/logistics handling used by the company are not matching with the level, timing, area and standards of their production to their consumers. Successful crisis management by cargo forwarding standards is based on creative processing of available solutions on a timely, affordable and responsible handling to ensure timely delivery of shipments. There is namely nothing less at stake than the company’s good name and reputation, image as the most precious assets. A crisis without prompt resolution may lead to the undermining of the customers and direct loss of financial and business opportunities. We therefore provide prompt support and give counsel in logistics management in order to demonstrate a responsible approach to preventing and minimizing the potential negative impact of any crisis situation. We are always ready to assist our associates and clients in dealing with crisis situations 7 days a week. We provide you with the best forwarding solutions.


Atlas currently offers speedy, delivery of all types of cargo locally, efficient and low cost delivery temperature sensitive and delicate shipments. Our experience in the bio-pharm transportation business is undoubtedly the best, clients like Joint Medical Stores, Medical Access and Ministry of Health are a few of the clients that have benefited from our effective transportation services countrywide especially upcountry. Cold chains are common in the food and pharmaceutical industries and also some chemical shipments. One common temperature range for a cold chain in pharmaceutical industries is 2 to 8C but the specific temperature (and time at temperature) tolerances depend on the actual product being shipped.