Atlas Cargo Systems Limited is a Clearing, Forwarding and logistics service provider operating in Uganda with global associates. Our core aims and objectives are boldly inherent in our constant desire to offer uncompromised service at the best rates whilst not compromising a bespoke service embodying factors such as: Timeliness, Feedback and Successful conclusion.
The company was founded on a rich interest and knowledge in the profession of freight forwarding and cargo handling. Since inception, the growth factor has been phenomenal due to specialist advice and service levels rendered to clients. Our growth is vindicated by an ever growing client base.

To carry on business as clearing, forwading agents, freight,transporters, haulers, packershirers, railway shipping and removal contractors or agents and brokers/properioters of vehicles of all kinds howsover propelled and aircraft of every description.

To carry on business as carriers by road, sea, air railway and otherwise.

To carry on business of warehousemen and storage of goods, wares and merchandise of every kind and description whatsoever and safe depository and do-down managers.

Offering personalized, improved and advanced freight forwarding packages.

Providing high quality transportation services to all of our clients

Creative and developmental work with freight handling, forwarding and clearing.

Professional and strictly ethical relations with the world of cargo handling.

Courage and readiness to assist clients and associates in the world of cargo handling by offering consultation.

Expertise and professionalism.

Unique solutions to freight forwarding.

International know how, combined with experience in the local market.

Association to several international freight forwarding agents.

Wide ranging contacts.

Flexibility and attainability.

Personal approaches that enable us build solutions to freight forwarding and clearing